3 Reasons Why You Need an Expert LinkedIn Profile

In today’s post I’m getting to teach you 3 reasons why LinkedIn is such a strong tool. Before I jump into these 3 reasons, let me just say that if you’re trying to create a brand or transition into a replacement career industry or if you are looking for a replacement career opportunity, then LinkedIn may be a must for you.

3. LinkedIn may be a Powerful Tool

The first reason why LinkedIn is such a strong tool is because there are almost 500 million users on the platform. actually almost two people join LinkedIn per second. LinkedIn is one among the sole professional social media networks that you simply can showcase your skills your talents and your abilities and it is the perfect platform to create Authority in your industry.

LinkedIn are often wont to applyfor jobs online and find better top quality career opportunities. In fact, 98% of recruiters and 85% of hiring managers are using LinkedIn as a hiring tool.

2. Google Prefers LinkedIn searches

The second reason why you would like to get on LinkedIn is because Google actually prefers or favors LinkedIn searches over other websites. the sole exception would be a private branded website.



Having a well-written and cohesively composed profile actually helps you if someone typed your name into Google. This makes LinkedIn the right place to manage your personal brand online.

1. Linkedin Surpasses Facebook In Business-To-Business Connections

The third reason why you would like to get on LinkedIn is because it actually out breaks Facebook believe it or not in terms of business-to-business contacts it is the third most ordinarily used social network for business owners. Unlike Facebook LinkedIn posts have the potential to succeed in all of your followers

Now that’s a win so let’s recap the rationale why you would like to possess professional LinkedIn profile is because favorite Lincoln is that the world’s largest professional network online today.



Number two it actually aligns perfectly with Google’s search algorithm and number three it surpasses Facebook in business-to-business connections.

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